Life seemed to be going fine.


Work was its usual hustle and sure, some days were damn hard, but you were managing. Then you noticed things getting tougher or longer to shake off. It may have been noticeable at work with your team. Maybe it was just picked up by your family at home.

WTF is going on? You’re a problem solver, you get shit done. You should be able to get a grip.

Maybe it's not the work. Maybe things at home have been rough, stressful, possibly overwhelming. You want to get back to an even keel, and enjoy being home with your family and friends.

Anxiety is a sneaky bastard. It shows up in multiple ways: anger, intrusive thoughts, restlessness, racing thoughts, poor concentration, constant worries, overthinking, and at times, panic. It’s overwhelming and exhausting just being yourself, let alone showing up for personal or work relationships and obligations.

Sometimes, the anxiety can bring with it doubts of self-worth and mess with your self-esteem.

I want to end the stigma and shame surrounding First Responders, Law Enforcement, and Hospital Staff going for support and assistance to figure out what is going on. And then get the problem solvers back into their routines again.

NOTE: I am not qualified to provide evaluations for Fit For Duty.

Send me an email to set up your appointment.

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Grayson Reed is a colleague who is working to break the stigma of publicly acknowledging and speaking about PTSD and other mental health issues for First Responders:

"I'm willing to speak anywhere and to any agency or group, about Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention, please just let me know. I have been diagnosed with Cumulative PTSD, and I want to help others with my story and experiences. I travel in both Illinois and Iowa. Be safe and God Bless."

Click the link below for more information on Public Safety Preservation and Gray's commitment to supporting First Responders.

Stop The Threat - Stop The Stigma


Stop The Threat - Stop The Stigma was established in December 2020 to serve as a platform to promote Law Enforcement and other Public Safety Professional's Wellness. I am hoping that Stop The Threat - Stop The Stigma inspires others to speak about their mental health and to seek help if they need it.


Stop The Threat - Stop The Stigma provides general information and online resources for Law Enforcement Professionals and other Public Safety Professionals who may be struggling with their Mental Health. It's o.k. to talk about and seek help for their Mental Health, but it can be very difficult to take that first step.


Please visit our Facebook Page for additional Information and Resources. Thank you.

The All Clear Foundation

Our mission is to improve the overall wellbeing and life expectancy of First Responders. In that pursuit, we are also committed to promoting organizations who build resources and/or create communities for them. If others should be considered for inclusion, please let us know.

There are currently hundreds of resources in the list below spanning Mental & Emotional, Physical & Physiological, Family & Social and Spiritual categories. You can also filter by sub-category, resource type, responder type or simply type in your search in the text box. Narrow the list by using one or more filters and/or search terms to find what’s relevant to you.