Stories of Us

As humans we are engaged in all manners of storytelling. We read, write, watch, sing, speak, create art to tell the stories of who we are, how we see ourselves, how we feel others see us as well as where we’ve been, where we are, where we want to go.

Most humans are visually-centric in storytelling, and movies captivate many persons. Granted, many things we see give the perception of lives that are not healthy, that are exclusionary, and build unrealistic expectations that hurts ourselves and others. Movies give some persons a way to tell their stories. Sometimes those stories are amazing and wonderful! Sometimes, they're hurtful and misunderstood.

Many times, though, movies bring to us ways to see ourselves and connect with others. It’s one of the reasons I really enjoy and recommend Cinema Therapy. There’s a filmmaker and a licensed therapist that analyze movies, discuss how it affects persons or even themselves.

Two movie analyses have recently popped up that do an excellent job at how humans tell our stories to ourselves, and to other persons. Along the way, it shows that humans pick up perceptions and experiences that may get in the way of a person’s sense of self and self-worth, expectations of successful life and failures, passion and purpose.

The first is a favorite movie of mine from a favorite novel of mine, Big Fish. Self-worth, self-confidence, family stories and truths, having lived a full life of purpose, how we view ourselves and those we're in relationships with in our lives.

The second is another recent favorite movie, Soul. The finding of purpose, living with passion, expectations of success and possible failure, and again, family stories and truths.

It can be difficult answering these questions in one’s personal life, untangling the internal could/should/would in one’s mind. Therapy can assist a person on that journey. Sometimes a person ends up with more areas of purpose than they believed they ever had in their life.

Find a therapist you feel comfortable with and explore the opportunity of getting to know yourself.

Take care, stay safe.


* * *

Photo credit: Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

You can find Cinema Therapy on their YouTube channel and Instagram, among other places. Check them out, they've some great content!

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