Weight of Self-Worth

It’s starts so early in a person’s life: being molded to the standards of culturally acceptable physical attributes to which social, medical, economic, and family cultures expect an individual to fit.

Physical attractiveness changes according to cultures. This would be a tediously long entry that would barely get beyond the basics of international cultural differences, of the history and current presumed positive/accepted physical traits of folx.

Weight is one area, yet again, that would be one hell of a long entry with the history of it determining value of individuals and their intelligence, capabilities, and privilege in each culture. And that entry would be even longer once one gets into gendered weight expectations and allowances.

The normalized marketing visions of “accepted” weight of individuals, which have been projected upon our bodies since just after the Industrial Revolution, tears so many individuals’ lives to shreds. These ever-changing and often unrealistic ideals create self-doubt about abilities, create barriers to access opportunities in education and economics, and in individuals attempting to find the worth in who they are as a human being.

The shape of folx does not determine the individual’s capacity for intelligence, humor, kindness, work ethic, passions, love or fairness.

Therapy can assist a person on the journey of body acceptance/positivity and self-worth. Find a therapist you feel comfortable with, and explore the opportunity of getting to know your strengths, talents and undeniable worth.

Take care, stay safe.


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