When It's All Shit Right Now, Does It Get Better?

For many persons, and especially First Responders and EMS/ER folx, there's the question "when in the hell does this ease up and get better?!"

Situations can change and may become less stressful, but stress is always there. So the question becomes, "Does it ever go away?" And the answer can be disheartening, "it doesn't."

Working in emergency services, it's not just a job. It's about being part of a person's identity, and that is with a person All. The. Time.

What does get better is learning how to better handle the situations and shed the stress in ways that are beneficial to the First Responders and EMS/ER folx. Find ways to get the support to work out how to keep from isolating habits, creating rifts in relationships, or self-medicating habits. It's also about accepting that these same persons are allowed to be just a person who happens to be a First Responders or work at being in EMS/ER. The persons isn't their uniform.

However, it takes finding a good fit in getting support through counseling. Finding that therapist who can understand the shit that happens day after day, and trust them to be able to help create tools for coping so there's life outside of the work, enjoy relationships, and learn to take care of the self. To stay good, in order to give good.

There's a podcast I listen to, First Responder Psychological Support, and the host discusses this issue among others. The was an episode that especially caught my attention: "It Doesn't EVER Get Better," by Sarah Gura. Sarah is a master’s level, licensed clinical professional counselor. She is trained in EMDR and has been working with First Responders, and her podcasts are amazing in their information and understanding of that work. [Click the pic to go to that episode.}

Sarah gets to the heart of the matter of how the work life can get to First Responders and EMS/ER folx and affect their lives outside of the work. Honest, genuine and real, she doesn't fuck around with pretty words. And I highly recommend her podcast series.

The work life will always be grueling, exhausting, frustrating, but there can be a way to still participate and even enjoy the job when you have with the right support.

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