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Hey y'all, I'm Susan, The Sweary Therapist...

Shooting My Mouth Off - FTR Podcast

F*ck The Rules is my podcast where I talk to folx from a variety of backgrounds and life experiences. They discuss their journeys and what archaic rules they may have said "fuck it" to, as well as creating some new rules that better suited those journeys to their goals. F*ck The Rules Podcast is produced by Evil Bambina Productions, LLC.


Since January 2022...

F*ck The Rules Podcast is available on Amazon Music/Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Spotify.

You'll also find links to other podcasts where I was fortunate to be a guest. Just click the photos to be taken to those episodes.

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Guesting on The Anxious Pineapple Podcast

The start of of it all was with the amazing Kayla Chorley, CCC! Hit the episode here for a listen.


Guesting on Mental Status Podcast

Next was hanging with the thoughtful and sassy Meg Kelly, MA LMHCA on her podcast!


Guesting on Therapists Next Door

So much fun with these folx, Johanna Dwinells and Sarah Bryski-Hamrick. Go listen to our shenanigans here.

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Guesting on Hello Wonderful Podcast

How damn lucky was I to get to chate with Dr. Terry Dornak, PsyD?! Go check it out here.


Guesting On Finding Your Way Through Therapy

And then I found my brother by another when my colleague, licensed therapist, Steve Bisson and I guested on one another's podcasts. Go listen to our swear-tastic episode on his podcast here.

Steve's 100th Episode where I'm also a guest can be found here!

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