Welcome to the state of our lives where it’s hustle and go nearly all day, every day throughout the year. There’s a lot to do, and you’re having problems keeping up and getting anxious about it.
Maybe it’s about finally taking the step to let people know really who you are, identifying yourself and figuring out living authentically. You want to be yourself, but the prejudices and obstacles create the doubt that you can do so.
Or maybe things seemed to be going fine until it wasn’t, and really, WTF is that all about anyway? Why is this happening?
The anxiety. The doubts of self-worth and lower self-esteem.
Anxiety shows up in multiple ways: anger, intrusive thoughts, restlessness, racing thoughts, poor concentration, constant worries, overthinking, and at times, panic. It’s overwhelming and exhausting just being yourself, let alone showing up for personal or work relationships and obligations.

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It’s time to get some support, untangle and manage those feelings, and start building your self-esteem back up where it belongs.
Let’s work on it together.