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Find Balance with Coffelt Counseling Services


Anxiety and self-esteem issues make you doubt who you are. When you're trying to understand how or why the emotions, feelings of anger, panic, and sadness, seem to get away from you. The thoughts and doubts that are you enough, as well as the problems popping up in personal or professional relationships, can be overwhelming and exhausting.

Anxiety and self-esteem issues prevent many people from being genuine, showing who they are outward that will match what they feel inward. When people have these issues, they may not feel they have a safe place to explore these feelings and thoughts.

All persons including LGBTQIA+ folx, to those who identify as straight cis, have the right to identify and have their needs met: understanding, growth, connection, esteem, identity, significance, and purpose. And, they deserve to do so in a safe counseling space that offers support, not judgment. To be able to speak, to be listened to, and to be acknowledged to improve mental health.

I appreciate the steps my clients take on their journey, and feel fortunate in supporting them as their therapist in a safe therapy environment as they work toward their goals.

Schedule a session at my Bettendorf location or my Moline location. You can also text me or send me an email to get the journey started for you, to build belief in yourself and achieve a balanced life!