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One would think that by this time in our history of being humans, you shouldn’t be worried, anxious, fearful about just being you, identifying your genuine self, and living authentically.


The prejudices and obstacles in our lives create the doubt that you can do so. On so many levels. And that increases issues with anxiety. Anxiety is a sneaky bastard. It shows up in multiple ways: anger, intrusive thoughts, restlessness, racing thoughts, poor concentration, constant worries, overthinking, and at times, panic. It’s overwhelming and exhausting just being yourself, let alone showing up for personal or work relationships and obligations.


It’s time to get some support, untangle and manage those feelings, and start building your self-esteem back up where it belongs. I work with individual adults, ages 18 and older. Send me an email, and let's figure out if I can be of help to you.

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