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Supervision for Iowa LMHC(t)

You've made it through the master's program for counseling.

You've done the internship/practicum required by your program.

Now you're looking to be licensed and begin work in Iowa.

Where do you start?

You can begin by looking on the Iowa Board of Behavioral Science approved supervisors, which you can find here.

 You can also start asking around to get a referral to persons who provide supervision. Then set up a meeting to chat with them, discuss what your counseling goals are, the population you plan to work with, and discuss if it's possible that person can assist you being your supervisor.


They may be able to assist or you may be referred to someone that would be a better fit for you. Maybe you don't feel y'all quite gel with one another, and that's going to happen, so you can meet up with another individual that may be able to take you on as a supervisee.

I provide supervision for persons in Iowa who are a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (temporary). I have limited availability for supervisees due to my own full work schedule. You can send me an email to see if I've availability and to see about setting up a meeting to chat.

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